before kitchen cabinet doneThis picture show the area of customer at Jalan Stapok before installing her kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet in stapok

This picture shown after installation of the whole dry kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are made by Melamine with wood grain pattern, equipped with G-handle.

All the base cabinets she preferred big drawer, some of the big drawers include small inner drawer within. Kitchen cabinet build all the way up to the ceiling, seal perfectly. With extra casing for refrigerator and built-in oven.


kitchen cabinet installerProfessional cabinet installers were installing drawer for the custom made kitchen cabinet. 

installing kitchen cabinet Before install all the drawers within the base kitchen cabinet, precise measurement and calculation must be done correctly. Support panel were used to bring the cabinet to perfect water level.

work in progress of installing kitchen cabinetFinished installing the skeleton of the whole kitchen cabinet, this process took many hours to finish because need to measure precisely water level, adjust every corner and panel to let the whole kitchen cabinet look perfect.

kitchen cabinet with sink makingAnother scene of the work-in-progress action, installing kitchen sink and sink tap together with the cabinet. Cutting hole on the surface top to fit cooker hob, and installing the back panel of cooking hon.


kitchen accesssories details

Below are list of pictures showing the drawer system of the customer kitchen cabinet. Some of the drawer using 1 big drawer for storing big item such as big pot.

Some of the drawers has extra 1 inner drawer for storing cooking ingredient such as spice bottle. One special side drawer system using multi layer storage for storing small item such as utensil and knife or any other kitchen items.