living room cabinetThe area of the client living room roughly 20 feet  by 20 feet, we build a hanging cabinet along his wall and built a partition with cabinet to cover the pillar in the center of his living room area, make it look more stylish and also can cover the area of staircase.

Below left side of the pictures, is the partition we built to hide the staircase, left side picture was the front view, right side picture is the back view. Front side we install together with the Natural Stone Slide board, made by 100% natural stone, extra shelf for our client religious purpose.

The back side of the partition were the tall cabinet, build until ceiling, not only can hide the staircase from living room, it also can store extra item inside the Partition Cabinet.

natural stone for decoration
fake wall with cabinet

From the entrance of the living room, as shown below. We install a base cabinet hanging on the wall, together with the wall cabinet seal up to ceiling. Using PET UV White color as the material, the overall view look luxury and classy.

Follow by the 300mm height hanging cabinet along the wall of the living room, until the partion wall, client can put TV or other decoration on top of the cabinet.

base and wall cabinet with compartment

Video Showing Overall Look