History of Global Vision Furniture Sdn. Bhd.


Our history started from 1973 when furniture making was still one of our very old traditional skills. Our founder Mr Sim start his furniture career  following a Shanghai authentic furniture making master. At the time, everything was using manual, workmanship and patient are the success keys to the perfect furniture.

Since then he start to learn everything regarding furniture making such as different type of wood, how to pick the right material, how temperature affect the wood in production, how to cut in precise using manual tool, how to trim different kind of wood, and many other precious traditional woodworker information.


In 1983 Mr Sim already acquired his Interior Design Certificate and start his own business as Interior Designer. He able to provide in-depth advises and professional know-how in planning and designing a comfortable living environment for different kind of people with different kind of life style.

With years of designer experiences, he able to mingle his solid woodworker knowledge with today latest interior design method, giving him an extraordinary advantages to become one of the best designers in town.

At the time, his passion and professional knowledge had earned him great reputation and fortune. With such opportunity, Mr Sim embraced his next life changing moment to own his furniture factory.


In 1994 Mr Sim grab his opportunity to built his own custom made furniture factory, importing professional machinery to automate the furniture making process.

At that time, he was the only one to own several professional furniture making machine in one roof. With such advantages, he able to produce all the furniture in good quality and in a short period.

Modular system furniture making was started by him, Modular system built furniture in a well organised system flow, with this system implemented, not only can save man power, it also increase the consistency of producing quality furnitures.


After few years, Mr Sim shifted his company strategic to producing Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet for end user. He is one of the pioneers in Kuching producing custom made kitchen cabinet back in the time.

With his furniture making factory, not only he can produce custom made furniture, he also able to designed and manufacture many Ready-Made furniture, such as fixed size kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, computer table, and many others.



Now we opened our showroom in 7th Miles beside Borneo House Museum, located in Wisma Wee first floor.

Our showroom offers a wide range of kitchen cabinetry and wardrobe products to bring your dream to life.

Our products ranging from budget conscious to high performance quality with style, design and functionality.

Come visit us today.


ADDRESS: Global Vision Furniture Sdn. Bhd. (1124231-P): Lot 9376, Section 64, KLTD, Lorong Simen Raya 2, Pending Road, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak


Tel: 082-481689   Fax: 082-482689




Monday to Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm