In Kuching, Sarawak we have a lot of kitchen using concrete to built the stove, leaving a big hole beneath and not hygienic. If you has one of this type of design in you kitchen and need to improve it, cabinet door can be added on to the existing concrete stove without demolishing. 

In such scenario, few factors need to take consideration:

  1. What type of board? Normally using Melamine board will be more economy, of course you can prefer UV Board or PU board which come in higher price but more visual pleasure.
  2. What type of door? Either swing door or drawer, swing door is most common and economy type of cabinet design, but with drawer system, you can maximize the space and more practical, of course with higher price


As picture above shown, installing cabinet beneath concrete stove not only fully make use the space below, it also make your kitchen look for tiny and clean. Of course with extra budget, you can consider implement few drawer system to replace the swing door, or built extra wall cabinet above the concrete stove to fully utilize your kitchen area.

Picture shown on left is one of our customer using concrete stove, extra building wall cabinet and tall cabinet using UV Board. Overall look luxury and pleasant, the cabinet below his concrete stove will be ready soon.



1. EUROPE Quality Accessories

We are authorized dealer of FGV and Menage Confort in Kuching, providing quality Europe standard kitchen cabinet Accessories such as hinges, pull out basket, slide, drawer, bracket, etc.

Of course we also have several good quality brand from West Malaysia and China for different kind of customer needs, we promise to give our customer the best quality of cabinet accessories with reasonable price.



Don’t forget we are furniture factory with over 20 years of making different kind of furniture, especially kitchen cabinet. With such experiences and machinery, we able to provide you quality kitchen cabinet with reasonable price.

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