We category our Kitchen Cabinet section into 4 different categories for better understanding, of course there might be a lot of mix and match for your final decision:

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet

When come to planning your Kitchen Cabinet design, there are few important points can help you to conclude your decision, such as Material, Size, Accessories Type, Door Type, Surface Top Type etc.


There are a lots of material can used to built your Kitchen Cabinet, you can choose cheap hollow board or plywood, or you select high quality water resistance melamine or MDF board.

Most DIY or economy furniture sell in Super Store or Conventional Furniture Shop in Kuching are using chipboard, also referred as plywood. This type of wood is one of the Particle Board types, using compress method to press wood particles into a board. This type of board are cheap but not water resistance and easy to torn apart after times, so we not using this kind of material long time ago.

Most modern furniture maker now using Melamine as common board to built kitchen cabinet nowadays, with the price advantages and water resistance features, Melamine Kitchen Furniture is the most common type of kitchen furniture used by Professional Furniture Maker in Kuching. Melamine belong to particle board type, only better compression with special ingredient added for water and termite resistance.

MDF also known as Medium Density Fiber-board, is the other common higher grade material used by furniture maker. The density is higher than melamine board and of course same with the price. MDF board normally special coated with other material to form different kind of name, such as UV board or PU board.


The kitchen cabinet size basically cost you the most, if bigger size it is the higher price you need to foreseen. 

Depend of your Kitchen Floor Plan, you need to decide how much area you need to built you cabinet, also consider how big is your Base Cabinet and Wall Cabinet

Base Cabinet is the bottom part cabinet while Wall Cabinet is the one hang on the wall, depend on your budget and design, you can decide how much both cabinet you want. With extra cost, you can choose High Cabinet or sometimes referred as Tall Cabinet to make your kitchen cabinet look for pleasure, the function of such cabinet also fascinating, with pull out basket accessories, it can store tremendous kitchen stuff in a limited space. 


Accessories are those hinge, drawer system, basket, gas lift, etc used inside your custom kitchen cabinet.

Depend on the design and brand, your budget can change significantly. We have brand made in Italy and Portuguese, same accessories will double or triple the price if compare with normal cheap material. Due to experiences, we no longer bring in the cheapest material, of course it can decrease the price dramatically but user experiences will be very bad, it will also impact to our company image in long run, that’s the reason we still thrive after 20 years in this industry.

We not only have high quality brand from Europe, we also have few good brands from West Malaysia and China, with cheaper price but the quality still get assurance.


Choosing door type for your kitchen cabinet always overlook by most people when budgeting your custom furniture.

Basically there are only two common door type used by kitchen cabinet maker, one is swing door and the other is drawer door.

Swing door is just two door open left and right, only hinges are used and it cost less if compare with drawer system.

Drawer system use drawer slider to pull out the whole drawer, function wise drawer system is far more convenient and efficiency than swing door. Simply just pull out the drawer you can access the whole area of the drawer, while if you use swing door, item store far inside the cabinet may not be easily seen and access.

Drawer system also divide into under-mount or side-mount. Traditional furniture using side-mount, modern nowadays we are using under-mount drawer system, can carry weight up to 60 kg.


Choosing the right surface top for your custom made kitchen furniture can be challenging. Currently there are a lot of choices available in market, the most common are solid surface top, granite top, maica top, quartz, etc.

We specialize in using Dekotop, a new type of surface top from Korea for your cabinet top. This new type of surface top only 6mm thickness, avoiding using traditional surface top which are thick and look bulky.

With this new surface top, your kitchen cabinet will look more classy clean. This material also scratch resistance, impact resistance and water-resistance, Fire-Retardant and food safe.

We are the main dealer in Kuching supplying this new technology table top


Of course there are still others factor that can influence your budget and design of your custom made kitchen cabinet. But based on these few points, you can judge and decide by yourself vividly when choosing your kitchen cabinet.

We all wish to have our desired kitchen cabinet look pleasant, beautiful, useful and durable, choosing the design based on your budget always is the right decision.

Let us know your budget and your floor plan, you might get your dream kitchen cabinet from us in future, contact us now or email to us.