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PU Coating commonly referred as Poly Coating, is one of the common coating method used in all industry. PU is Polyurethane, when in kitchen cabinet making, PU is coated on MDF board (Medium Destiny Fiber-board) to form a thin, solid, durable board. 


Polyurethane is hard, scratch resistance if compare with normal cabinet finishing, it also offer quite a number of color palette to choose from, so you can match the color with your walls or match your kitchen design.



1. Modular System VS Attached System


Modular System kitchen cabinet refer as multiple single stand alone cabinet combine to form a long cabinet, e.g 2400 mm long of cabinet, Modular System can have 3 separate individual 800 mm cabinet, they will be combined and sealed perfectly into one whole piece of cabinet in the final location. The advantages of this Modular System are:

  1. Ease of shifting, e.g. house moving or changing kitchen area
  2. Upgrading cabinet, e.g. change the size of cabinet, upgrade the accessories system inside kitchen cabinet
  3. Ease of repairing, e.g. cabinet may spoil in future, able to repair individual cabinet without taking out whole cabinet

2. ABS Adjustable Stand

We use quality ABS Adjustable Stand to built cabinet stand, this stands will be installed beneath each of the modular cabinet, then the footage of that cabinet will cover with plastic cover.

Using this solid ABS stand can be ease for future maintenance because you can take out the cover and clean beneath each cabinet.  The other reason using this ABS stand is ease of future repairing. You can take out individual cabinet easily with this stand installed, or else you will need to take out whole cabinet for repairing or moving.

3. EUROPE Quality Accessories

We are authorized dealer of FGV and Menage Confort in Kuching, providing quality Europe standard kitchen cabinet Accessories such as hinges, pull out basket, slide, drawer, bracket, etc.

Of course we also have several good quality brand from West Malaysia and China for different kind of customer needs, we promise to give our customer the best quality of cabinet accessories with reasonable price.

4. Korean Premium Table Top5. Korean Premium Table Top

We currently are the only authorized dealer of this Korean made table top Dekotop. This high premium surface top are all SLIM design, with around 6mm thickness you can guarantee to make your kitchen cabinet look unique and luxury if compare with standard surface top such as solid surface, granite, etc.

This Korean table top come in few color chart to match your kitchen cabinet design.

The advantages of this surface top are:

  • Scratch resistance, impact resistance
  • Water-resistance, fire-Retardant
  • Slim, luxury feel
  • Long lasting color
  • FSC certified
  • Eco friendly meet E-0 & E-1 European formaldehyde emission standards


Don’t forget we are furniture factory with over 20 years of making different kind of furniture, especially kitchen cabinet. With such experiences and machinery, we able to provide you quality kitchen cabinet with reasonable price.

Cut out the middle man, we direct supply the custom made furniture you want to you, without the margin middle man add in, you can be sure the price we quote for you is reasonable.

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