Choose Your Desired Wardrobe Design

When come to choosing the design of your wardrobe can be slightly tricky, it depend on how you want to make your custom made wardrobe and how much budget you willing to spent.

If you has low budget and just need a cabinet to store your clothes and others bedroom stuff, considering choosing cheap ready-made wardrobe from local furniture shop is not a bad idea. Normally all the wardrobe or furniture sell in local convenient furniture shop are using normal plywood or chipboard, some with sticker lamination, some with membrane lamination, some using Formica lamination.  With such material and mass production, they can cut the price to around RM1,000. But with only the fixed size, normally is 8 feet by 8 feet, you may not fit the wardrobe perfectly in your bedroom.

If you plan to have your custom made wardrobe fit perfectly into your bedroom space, you need to budget few thousand more to create your personal wardrobe which is uniquely customize for you and your family.

Depend on your bedroom space, some with extra space can consider make a big wardrobe with a door “outside” the wardrobe, as the picture shown above. It create an extra space in front of the compartment, creating more personal space and more comfortable to use.

With extra money, and extra space, you can built a room to be your custom made wardrobe like picture shown below.


Normally  wardrobe are custom made in the way of picture on the left shown. The wardrobe fit nicely along the wall, from floor until ceiling, maximize the use of your bedroom space.

Drawer System

Depend of the area, you can have more than 2 doors and different compartment and design. Basically we will recommend design your compartment to 600 mm width, because most wardrobe accessories fit nicely on 600 mm compartment.

We will recommend choosing 2 drawers at the bottom of your wardrobe for storing precious item, if you have more budget you can design more drawer in different compartment.

Besides the drawer system, just divide the other space into normal compartment will maximize your wardrobe space and good for you to store various of items such as perfume, bag, accessories.

High Compartment

After that, it come to design the compartment of hanging long dresses or shirt. Normally long dress or some jacket will have length over 1200 mm, it is good idea to have some compartment that have 1500 mm space to hang these clothes, as the picture shown on right, “SPACE 1” is the space to hang these clothes. You still can divide the space below this compartment into another storage space for storing other stuff.

“SPACE 2” is the standard space to hang clothes, with space around 2000 mm, is always a better idea to divide the hanger into 2, up and down so you can hang more clothes.


Top Compartment

If your bedroom ceiling is high and you have budget to built the wardrobe up to the ceiling, you can have the option to built top compartment for your wardrobe.

Normally the height without the top compartment is 2100 mm, is the height of your ceiling have such extra space, you can divide more space above the wardrobe. Usually these compartment used to put bulky stuffs that are not often be used, such as luggage, blanket, storage box.

Depend on the height of your room, it can divide multiple layer or just single compartment.


Choosing your custom made Wardrobe material can be simple and limited. Basically you may have few options only, like choosing the board, the sliding door track, and the accessories inside the wardrobe such as fordable mirror, pull out basket and etc.

Melamine Board

Most of the custom made wardrobe preferred using Melamine board  instead of normal chipboard, because of its quality and durability. Some factory may cut cost using chipboard with simple lamination, in such a way that will be not much different than buying cheap wardrobe direct from local furniture shop, with around RM1,000.

Instead of Melamine Board, of course you can choose UV Board or PU Board for higher quality, but normally we not suggest because it increase the budget dramatically, wardrobe need bigger board than ordinary kitchen cabinet. Some more Melamine Board already is water resistance, there is no need to worry much. Melamine also have variety of colors to choose from.

You can read more about Melamine Board, UV Board, PU Board in our Kitchen Cabinet Section.

wardrobe track

Door Tracks

Door tracks is the tracks lay beneath and above the wardrobe, enable the door to slide left and right.

Normally all furniture maker use aluminium tracks, with heavy duty aluminium tracks, it can last a very long time without falling apart.

We only choose quality aluminium track from trusted supplier.


Wardrobe Accessories

Optional you can choose many other wardrobe accessories to personalize your wardrobe to fit what you need.

Such as jewelry divider boxes, stainless steel basket, etc. All these accessories come in many sizes and brand, normally we will not include inside the quotation, when you satisfy with the design of wardrobe then you can consider add in all these item.

Below are some of the wardrobe we made before, you can have a basic idea of how a wardrobe can be made:

wardrobe custome made kuching
wardrobe 1 display
custom made wardrobe furniture
custom wardrobe furniture factory in kuching


Bring your bedroom dimension, come to our showroom at 7th Miles, we can discuss more and custom made your desired wardrobe using your budget